We are Thomas and Diana, alias The Mekis. 

The Mekis simply because we like our nickname that was given to us by family members. It basically is an abbreviation of our surname. So it simply became "The Mekis On Tour".  


We are both in our mid/end 30th and we are curious about this planet, its animals, nature, a fullfilling lifestyle and we share a great passion for travelling. There is nothing more rewarding and fullfilling to us than experiencing life, seeing the world, indulging in a variety of food, experiencing nature with all our senses and learning from other cultures about different  ways of living and thinking. Travelling makes us wiser and keeps us happy!


Our common dream: Seeing and experiencing as much as possible of this planet, while travelling and sharing the beauty of life with others to encourage them to live the life they dream to live! 

We are employed fulltime, but took 3 months off work to see more of this beautiful planet, to spend time together and to grow a little with every new and shared experience. Time to do some crazy stuff is not limited to age, employment, or any other factor we often believe restrict us in living our dreams! It might need a bit of patience, courage and hard work to realise dreams, but it is worth it! 


We only have this one chance! No reason to wait!


 Our favorite saying:

“Life is not measured by the amount of breath we take, but by the moments that take our breath away!”


We also decided that we will not restrict our travel passion to one specific mode of travel and style. We do individual touring, organised small group adventures, cruising, luxery and camping. Why restrict ourselves? Every mode and style of travel has its advantages and disadvantages we believe! 


We also believe in respecting people of any kind, as it is always a matter of perception depending on the values we were taught by the culture we grew up in. So there is no right or wrong! There is only different and that makes the world so amazing! 


We hope you enjoy this pictorial journey with us to beautiful places around this world and that it encourages you to do what you love, to be who you want to be and to see and feel the beauty of life!



 The Mekis ;)


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📸 All pictures were taken by Thomas and partly by Diana. 

Blog creation, design, content and texts by Diana. 


The Mekis

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