USA 2015 / 2016 / 2018

Welcome to New York City! We are definately more nature than city people, but New York city convinced us! Great place with a fantastic atmosphere. However, Bar Harbour in Maine on the upper East Coast impressed us the most.

A bit of  US Caribean flair we got to know in Miami, Tampa, Key West and New Orleans with New Orleans maybe being one of the most interesing cities we have visited so far.


 San Francisco, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Hawaii we did in 2018 and especially Hawaii and Los Angeles surpriced us! Simply loved it! Las Vegas was fun too! It is kind of a different world! San Francisco was not so much for us! No particular reason! Just not our city!

New York City 2015

Bar Harbour 2015

Boston 2015

Miami 2016

Key West 2016

Tampa - Florida 2016

New Orleans 2016

San Francisco 2018

            Las Vegas & 

     Grand Canyon 2018

Los Angeles 2018

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