Zimbabwe 2018

Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe is a must-see place for nature lovers. 

The Victoria Falls are absolutely stunning! They are beautiful, noisy and wet. The 30 US Dollars per person entry fee to the falls are worth it! We spent 3 hours walking around with fantastic views of the falls. Wear walking shoes and take some water. :)

An amazing experience for sure is the helicopter flight over the falls. We booked our flight (Flight of Angels) with Shearwater and everything from pick-up to drop-off and the flight itself worked out perfectely fine! The views are stunning and we even got to see a group of elephants close to the Zambezi river. The flight takes approximately 13 minutes, but is worth every cent of it. You can also do a 25 minutes flight getting close to wildlife. As we do believe that the animals get disturbed by the helis, we did not take this option.

A Zambezi dinner cruise with Pure Afrika Experience is also wonderful, romantic and yummy. We also got to see some wildlife like elephants, hippos and crocodiles on the banks of the Zambezi. Dinner was nice! It changes daily. We had a choice between tomato or cauliflour soup for entree and for main beef or bream fillet/fish with potatoe and vegetables. 

If you get on a cruise you also get the chance to get to Sambia without visa 😉 So we could say we were in Sambia too 😊

The casino looked nice inside, but we are not very much into gambling and did not try our luck over there.

For those of you who like a bit of luxery the Victoria Falls Hotel might be of interest. Stunning view and pumbas (warthogs) are running around freely for those people who love animals.
You can also see Sambia from over there perfectely fine.
The Cafes and restaurants over there are rather expensive though.

There is lots more on offer that you can do while in Victoria Falls, which can be booked at various travel agencies in town, or online upfront.

Close to the falls there is the Lookout Cafe, which is really nice for drinks and food with a nice view over a gorge. Here you can also do some adventure stuff like Zip Lining here. 

In town we had dinner at the Three Monkeys once, which was yummy too. Mainly, American style food is offered in most restaurants in town though. 

Oh, and try the local Zambezi beer. Thomas loved it!

At our accomodation (see below) we had the traditional local food called Sadza. This is made of maize/cornflour and served with a stew of meat. Being vegetarian I got it with veggies. Both variatiations were yummy! Thanks to our great cook! 😊

We were staying at an Airbnb place in Victoria Falls and it was great. The place is called Furusa Guest House and hosted by Simba and Blessing. We loved our stay over there and the dinner we had here once was super yummy and Simbabwe style, which we loved. The accomodation is about 20 minutes walking distance from town, which allows a look around the surroundings too. Everything was clean, tidy, well-organised and the staff is very friendly and welcoming! Definately a recommendation! 

Here you can also book tours, which we did not know upfront! The tours are organised by locals, which in most cases is a great experience! Talk to Simba! He will help out! 
Thank you to Blessing, Simba and the entire staff for making our stay so wonderful! 😊

The supermarket called OK is located at the main road and has everything on offer a traveller might need. 

A craftsmarkets is also to be found in town, as well as a mall with souveniers called The Elephants Walk. For a stroll around just fine.
Here you can also do some cage diving with crocs.

Additional Info
What we do recommend is to take some cash in US Dollars even though it was possible to pay via Credit card at most places.

What is also important to know is that there are some crafts sellers on the street who approach tourists. In most cases telling them that we are not interested worked out so that they left us. Some are quite resistant and we only had one chance and that was to keep walking. We decided not to get annoyed by it, as these people try to make a living with this. At least some.


Nearly everywhere for free with good connection. 


We felt safe and even walked back to our accomodation in the dark. Our host also mentioned it is safe. Maybe it is better that women are accompanied by someone, but we suggest this in most places these days at nighttime. In September it gets dark around 6 pm. 


We did not have any issues with mosquitos.

However, it is recommended to take insect repellents and malaria medication was also recommended to us. We were taking medication, but its recommended to talk to your doctor about it upfront. The same applies to vaccines. 


In September it was dry and warm, but not humid. So it was fairly comfortable for us, but this is individual and depends on the daily condition of a person. In November the rainy season starts. 


German/European passport holders get there visa at the airport upon arrival. 30 US Dollars it cost us. 

Overall, we felt very comfortable in Victoria Falls and the people were very friendly, which is always nice!  


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