North America

In 2015 Thomas and I went on our first holiday together to the US and Canada and had an amazing time over there! 

Canada really amazed us because of its nature and the mainly really kind, relaxed and funny  people over there.  

The US was stunning from the point of view that it felt like being in a Hollywood movie, especially in New York City! New York City is just awesome and we love spending time over there! The atmosphere is great, Broadway offers the best musicals on this planet, Brooklyn is cool and there is always something happening. Even for people like us who are not really into cities, New York City is always great for a visit! And seriously, the US has great food to offer and not only Fast Food. 

The one place we loved the most in the US was Bar Harbour! A beautiful coastal town with yummy icecream and amazing cliff walks. Check out the pics. Maybe its for you too! We did not know about Bar Harbour before! But it really was worth a visit! 


In 2016 we went to the US a second time to check out the East Coast including a visit to Tampa, Key West and New Orleans. 

New Orleans is a super cool city! Loved the vibe!

In Tampa Diana got sick, so we could not make it to the amusement parks and did not feel that it is worth a visit just to hang out in Tampa. For the amusement parks it surely would have been awesome. 

Key West is a nice little town offering to take a pic at the 90miles to Cuba coastal spot.

We spend a nice day strolling around and enjoyed it, despite all the tourists over there.

Check out the pics on this website and get a first impression. 


Coming up end of 2018:

  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles 
  • Las Vegas
  • Hawaii



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