Carribean Islands 2015

What most people associate with the Caribbean Islands are sunshine, white sandy beaches, parties, rum, palms and an easy going holiday lifestyle. And yes, this indeed is true!


But there really is more to it than this movie like Caribbean flair, as each island is unique in itself and has lots to offer. Just be it driving through the beautiful countryside of Jamaica, meeting some crocodiles from the save distance of a boat, a horse ride adventure along the Jamaican coast, or jumping into the water of the YS Falls. Jamaica is so far our favorite Caribbean Island, as it also has some cultural aspects to it, which we like and surely Bob Marley cannot be overheard on this island.


The Cayman Islands are nice for a chance to swim with rays at Sting Ray city and St Maarten invites for a beautiful hike along the cliffs instead of the touristy Maho beach. We decided not have a look at this famous beach, as we live close to the airport in Germany and are happy for any peaceful time without any airplane noise. But if you are interested in planes just flying over your head, then this is the place to visit.


 On Antiqua we took a helicopter ride to have a look at the island from a bird’s perspective and especially the coastline looked terrific. Well, we also love helicopter flights and so this was a fairly beautiful experience.


St Kitts I (Diana) went the first time on a Squat Bike ride on my own, which raised my adrenalin blood level for sure, as I had not even ridden a motorcycle before. But driving through corn fields, up and down the hills was a real adventure. For people who love a bit of adrenalin and enjoy riding a motorcycle this might be of interest.


In Tortola it is really cool to have a drink at Bomba’s Surfside Shack. Have a look yourself and be surprised by it. It is unique!


The Dominican Republic is not one of our favorites, but for rum, cigars and beaches it surely is fine too. However, we might also not have seen enough of this island too!


Isla Margarita was an experience in my youth (Diana). So there are no pictures on this website. However, I remember well that my mum and I did an adventures jungle hike, having to climb over lakes, up the hill and ending up at a small wooden hut in which a crazy looking indigenous man lived. He served us snaps from a bottle with conserved reptiles in them like snacks, or scorpions. Well, I did not have a taste, but my mum rubbed her injured ankle with it and it seemed to help.


The same for Aruba and Grenada. No pictures from my youth, but I remember all these places to be beautiful. Grenada was beautiful when it comes to nature and tasting nutmeg ice cream was an experience too.


In Aruba we did a round trip and I especially remember the Natural Aruba Bridge to be worth a visit. 


If you are less interested in culture, and/or just want to enjoy a peaceful and fun time holiday, the Caribbean Islands are a nice place to visit.


Cayman Islands 2015

Jamaica 2015

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