In 2009 I  (Diana) travelled the very first time to Central Africa and straight away fell in love with Uganda . Not only was I mesmerized by wildlife and nature, it was the people that touched me the most. The kindness and happiness that I experienced was mind-changing.

Despite all its poverty, I experienced smiling and friendly people who took real care of my well-being while I was there. I was especially touched by the smiling faces of children who always welcomed and farewelled us waving with their little hands and big smiling eyes. It touched me deeply and it remains one of the best travel experiences I had so far!

I was so touched by this country when doing a holiday safari that I came back to volunteer for some time staying with the locals and experiencing real Ugandan life. No running water, no shower, only a bucket, or sometimes a hole in the floor to help myself with the dailys. In those days, I experienced a new me that did not need any luxery to be happy.  Less belongings and expectations to perform made me feel free.

In Uganda I fell in love with travelling and experiencing developing countries, as I was allowed to just be me without any expectation. People in these countries are mostly welcoming and helpful despite not being able to share much. Knowing this, keeps me grounded and always reminds me about the important things in life: Good health and family!

One thing that one must try when it comes to eating in Uganda is Posho. It is super yummy! I enjoyed it with some vegetable stew. And it is also gluten-free, as it is kind of a bread made of cornflour. Generally, food really tasted yummy in Uganda and is quite filling, as it is often made of beans, rice and blantain.


One who seeks action should really do some white water rafting in Jinja. I can tell that this was the craziest and most dangerous experience I had so far. I seriously would not do it again. 6 hours of adrenalin and falling out of the boat frequently with safety boats collecting us out of the Victoria Nile. One might think of the crocodiles, hippos and leeches that are living in these waters. But hey, for adrenalin junkies this is the thing to do ;)

Queen Victoria National Park gave me a first idea on what it is like to be on a safari in Africa. Nice thing is, that it is less touristy than for instance the Masai Mara in Kenya and you will get to see elephants, rhinos, buffalos and all the other african animals one wants to see when on safari.

Uganda is a great place to go and therefore my husband and I will return this year to do the Gorilla trecking and visit the chimpanzees in the Kibale forest. We so can't wait!

Uganda has got so much to offer! I can highly recommend it! Have a look at the pics and you will see for yourself ;)


The second place I went to when travelling to Central Africa the first time was Kenya, which is stunning when it comes to landscape, nature and the Masai Mara. However, it surely is more touristy than Uganda.

In the Masai Mara I got to see lions in wildlife the very first time, which was a stunning experience. Staying in a non-fenced tented accomodation only being guarded by a Masai warrior over night is kind of a really cool experience too. Especially, when having the urge to use the wash room at night time. Having to be scared of animals that might attack, only being watched by a Masai is certainly a memorable experience!

In Kenya you will also get to try Posho. However, it is called Ugali here. I personally preferred the Ugandan version, but this might also have to do with my love for Uganda!;)


For those of you who prefer it a bit more touristy, but also want to get an African vibe, I believe Kenya the place to be. Well, when it comes to a decision between Uganda and Kenya.

I am sure there are so many other places in Africa to visit that are touching, mesmerizing and memorable too! So, my husband and I can't wait to experience Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa this year (2018).

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Enjoy this pictorial safari through African countries we visited. 


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