Ice Cave-Austria

Home continent Europe, has got so much to offer - culture, nature and an easy travel experience and for city people definately a memorable city lifestyle!

From the natural beauty of Island, to nice Café experiences throughout Europe, magnificent mountains in Austria and Switzerland, to great island experiences in the Mediterranean Sea and a fascinating cultural diversity! It always is worth a visit and despite loving to travel to far away places, it is always nice to return!

Germany certainly remains home no matter were we are on this planet, as home to us is where our family lives and family next to health is the most important thing to us in life!

Certainly, while travelling we experience moments, in which we would choose life in a different country, but in reality we know that each country has got its advantages and disadvantageous and so does Germany! So we chose our family and with our family the country we call home!

To us: There is no perfect place on this planet and therefore we are responsible to make the best of our life no matter where we are and everyone should find out what is most important in life and concentrate on it! This helps in leading a happy and content life!

Travelling also taught us that our life is our own responsibility and we choose how we want to live it: Happy, or sad! We chose to live a happy life and travelling is part of what makes us happy, as we learn so much from all these different cultures and places! And besites making us culturally aware, it makes us life aware and helps to appreciate every little thing life has got to offer!

Travelling taught us that it is always our own perspective on how we experience things and life itself!

So travelling to us is not just adventure, fun, wellness and escaping from every day life! To us our planet, all these different cultures and also all these animals are the best teachers about life and the world the most beautiful museum that will ever exist!


So enjoy this pictorial journey throughout Europe after this tiny philosophical anecdote!

The Mekis

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