Namibia 2018

German passport holders do not require a visa for a holiday holiday  stay up to 90 days.

Namibian Dollars and credit cards are possible.

English & Afrikaans & German & indigenous dialects, depending on who you talk to. Lots of German around though (street names, schools (e.g. Realschule), restaurants with German dishes, German radio channel and generally German can be heared frequently when passing German speaking Namibians.

Left-hand side. Roads in Windhoek,  between Windhoek and Swakopmund, in Swakopmund and between Windhoek and Gobabis are well developed. No gravel roads.

Sometimes tip is included as service charge on bill. Good to check. Generally, it was around 10 % of total cost in restaurants.
The guys who take care of the car in car parks/ parking spaces are happy about a dollar when leaving.
Good to have a dollar in case of a toilet need at a petrol station.

Wifi available in most places around Windhoel, Swakopmund and in Harnas. 

We felt safe in any way. Security staff can be seen frequently at public places.
However, each accomodation we stayed at had wire fencing as seen around nearly any house in Windhoek and Swakopmund.

But, like we always mention, as we do not want someone to get hurt, or be in danger: like in any country be safe and act responsibly.

There were no mosquitos in Windhoek, Swakopmund or Harnas during our stay in November.
However, it is always good to take insect repellent along.
Our GP and the tropical institution informed us that malaria is not common in these regions. Thpugh it is adviseable to double check with your GP before travelling to Namibia, as malaria infections are possible in other regions in Namibia.

Mainly a mix of American Fast Food, fresh fish, lots of meat. Sushi could be purchased at various locations in Windhoek and Swakopmund. Braai is a traditional African style barbecue with lots of meat and salads. 

Suggestion: Try a Gemsbock when you are there. Shot made of Kalua and Amarula.



Not cheap, but very fresh, yummy food and nice service with outdoor seating options. Meats, fish, salads, pasta and according to Thomas a really yummy pizza. It also provides a large number of wines. Check out menu provided in pics.

Joe's Beer House
Nice pub with great atmosphere, yummy food also catering for vegetarians, fairly priced, also popular with locals. We enjoyed it!


Pier 1905
Probably one of the most romantic restaurants we have visited so far with a great sunset view.
It was a bit pricey and the food was ok. We would go again for a nice sunset dinner. Check out menu provided in pics.



Vondelhof Guest House
Nice and reasonably priced guest house in the centre of Windhoek with a yummy breakfast and airport transfer if inquired at extra cost. Pool available and quiet area. 

Hartmann Suites
Very nice, super tidy and clean apartment in Windhoek about 10min walk from a shopping mall with cinema and supermarket.
Staff was very friendly and communication with owner exceptional. Thank you!!
Cereal, milk, coffee and tea available in apartment. Parking space available. Would definately return.

Ti Melen
Absolutely gorgeous accomodation a bit outside of Windhoek in direction to the airport, but not far from the Stellenbosch restaurant.
It is so peaceful and quite with a great and comfortable interior and a nice view over the hills.
Staff is friendly, breakfast really yummy. Pool and parking available. We felt at home.
Suggestion: Go for a walk to the lake when you are there. It was beautiful. Just ask the owners for the direction.


Molensicht Apartment No. 9
An apartment directly by the ocean in which we felt at home from the first second. Owners are next door and very nice and incomplicated. It was so clean and tidy and comfortable we would always return when visiting Swakopmund.
Coffee, tea and milk was provided, as well as a parking space. Restaurants, cafes and supermarket in walking distance.

Grocery Shopping
Spar and OK are the main supermarkets we saw in Windhoek, on our way to Swakopmund, in Swakopmund itself and in Gobabis.

The best supermarket with fresh food and yummy sushi was the Farmers Goods market. Bit more expensive but local and fresh produce. We found one in Swakopmund and one in Windhoek.

Things to do

Volunteering at Harnas (Exclusiv Project)
People who love to interact with animals and like to volunteer and work a little during their holiday will enjoy Harnas, which is an animal shelter. You will get close to cheetas, baboons, hyenas, farm animals of nearly any kind and learn about the work over there. It is a relaxing time with a bit of work such as feeding, food preparation and cleaning, while going for walks with the cheetas, the baboons, listen to the lions roar and other adventures when doing the 2 weeks exclusive project offered a few times a year.

Food at Harnas mainly American style food: Burger, sandwhiches, chicken wings, pasta, salads, meats, calamari, prawns and fish. Vegetarians need to work around the menu a little.

Suggestion: Stay at one of the huts. Ours was Caso and we had many animal visitors daily.

Note: Please be aware that some animals are not walking around freely such as the lions and wilddogs. Harnas tries its best to save wild animals that were abandoned, injured or any other reason that put these animals in danger.

Further information:

If you book, please say Hello to Anja (the guide) from Thomas and Diana. Nice Dutch lady taking care of you the entire 2 weeks.

Walk around Swakopmund
Swakopmund is a beautiful coastal town developing fast, with a German heritage.
Just walking along the beach was a great pleasure to us, or just relaxing at a Cafe, or pub by the beach.
You can also visit the Platz am Meer Mall if you enjoy a bit of simple shopping.

We only spend 2 days at the end of our trip in Swakopmund and wanted to relax.
But you can also visit the nearby Walvis Bay and the Sandwhich Cafe, the Namib Dunes, or do a skydive. You will not get bored.

Windhoek we kind of found nice, very quiet, very tidy and clean but there were no highlights. A day should be ok to get an idea. Lots of shopping malls around.

Well, we did not do it, as we wanted to volunteer at Harnas, but a highlight surely would be a safari in the Etosha National Park. 

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