Denmark 2013

In 2012 a had the chance to visit Copenhagen and get to know Denmark a little while studying in Aahrus. I enjoyed my time over there a lot. It was nice to see the danish landmark, the little mermaid sitting on the stone in Copenhagen, driving around the danish island Bornholm and enjoying a beautiful European summer.

What was really interesting to me is that the danish people to not eat as much fish, as I expected considering Denmark being surrounded by the Baltic and North Sea. Meat and in particular pork seemed far more popular and especially hotdogs were fairly common. Ice cream is yummy in Denmark too and bread is awesome. Try a smørrebrød while over there. Also the danish people seem to be into healthy and yummy food, which I liked a lot. It surely is worth a visit and not only Copenhagen. Aarhus is a nice place too. For those who are into museums and art, the ARoS art museum and Gamle By are worth a visit. For people who love amusement parcs, there are quite a few. The Tivoli parc is world famous and over 175 years old, situated right in the centre of Copenhagen. Also have a look at Freetown Christiania if you get the chance and step into a different world in the self-proclaimed autonomous anarchist district in the district of Christianshavn in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen 2012 & 2013

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Bornholm 2012